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Est-ce que vous pouvez réparer mon vélo?

Not exactly : BQAM-E isn't a bike shop where you hire someone to do your repairs, but a place where you wil learn to do it yourself! We're here to help you learn and provide you with the tools you need and our volunteers' advice.

Can you help me fix my bike?

Yes, absolutely!

... même si je suis débutant-e?

Yes! BQAM-E is also about education! To know a bit more about what to expect, check this page.

Est-ce que vous vendez des vélos?

No, but it's a project we have on the long term. Right now, we sell second-hand and new parts. Second-hand parts are Pay What You Can. We have some new parts in store and members can also order parts that we do not have in store.

Do you have this or that part in store right now?

Pour savoir si nous avons une pièce spécifique en inventaire, vous devez passer à l’atelier sur nos heures d’ouverture. Nous avons une grande quantité de pièces, et nous pouvons aussi en commander pour vous. Toutefois, nous ne pouvons pas toujours répondre à ce type de question par courriel.

Acceptez-vous les cartes / virements interac?

No, we only take cash. There is an ATM in the PK building on the science campus, which is very close.

Qui peut venir à l'atelier les mardis?

On Tuesdays, the comité mixité choisie is in charge. On this day, the workshop is exclusively for women (cis and trans), non-binary people, trans men, intersex people and other gender identities who are not cis men. This is a way to create an inclusive and safe space for people who have traditionally been excluded from the world of bicycle mechanics.

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Est-ce que tous-tes les étudiant-es de l'UQAM sont membres de BQAM-E?

All students who have paid their automatic 1$ contribution are members. The students who are part of AGCVM also are. You still have to register at your first visit, and you will then receive a membership card.

Peut-on devenir membre de BQAM-E sans être étudiant-e?

Yes! For 20$/year, you can become a member, with all the privileges that this comes with. Learn more

Peut-on utiliser les services de BQAM-E sans devenir/être membre?

Yes, it is open to everyone, for free.

Comment se faire rembourser la CANO?

Instructions on how to get a refund for the CANO are here.

Please note that requests sent outside of the established dates will not be processed.

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